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Heidi Kasa is a writer who lives in Austin. Though some people believe the world is not multidisciplinary, she believes we should not limit ourselves and our creative expressions, so she writes poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, creates handmade artist books, and crafts necklaces. 
















Recent publications and awards: 

During Heidi's time at California College of the Arts, she stayed up nights discussing work, teachers, and development with her artist roommates. Since that time, she's kept that belief in fostering connection and communication, especially with colleagues. She's inspired by peer learning, and brings that into volunteer work. She is currently on the Board of the Publishing Professionals Network, co-coordinates the San Francisco Bay Editorial Freelancer's Association chapter, and is an active member in communities of the Writers' League of Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area. She also runs a monthly gathering of artists called The Creator's Life. 

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