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"The Bullet Cures"

in Poetry Super Highway

Poetry Super Highway's mission is to expose as many people to as many other people’s poetry as possible. Read poems, submit your poetry for publication, enter their annual poetry contest, and peruse their directory of thousands of poetry and writing websites.

The judges chose my poem as the winner of the PSH 2023 Poetry Contest. 

Read "The Bullet Cures" here


in The Passionfruit Review

The Passionfruit Review seeks work which engages with love in the broadest possible sense: writing which seeks love out or runs screaming from it; which delights in, is bored of, resents, yearns for, abhors, or denies love.


Read the poem "Pull-Push" in issue #1 here

Communication Tower


The poem "Love Poems Are Changelings" is forthcoming in The Quilled Ink Review

The short fiction manuscript The Beginners was selected as a finalist in The 2023 Digging Press Chapbook Contest. Fingers crossed about their early 2024 final decision on the winner!

Other Publications


Ghosts Are Hungry

Digging Press is an independent publisher with a strong commitment to fostering experimentation and cultural inclusion in the realms of literature and visual arts. Founder Gessy Alvarez is a delight and wonderful to work with. 

Read the flash fiction "Ghosts Are Hungry" in volume #9 here


A Small Death

The Waterwheel Review is an online literary journal that prefers literature without labels.  They celebrate what flows by, no matter its form. They showcase pieces initially with a few companion writings and art/music/video, for a beautiful reading experience.

Read the flash fiction "A Small Death" in issue #20 here


A Grief That Shatters Oceans

The Raw Art Review is a journal of storm and urge.

The story is on page 105 of the Summer/Fall 2021 issue.

print, published April 7, 2022

Buy it here

Robot You

Ab Terra is a sci-fi journal. Brain Mill Press especially encourages stories that explore ideas of embodiment, time, and language. Read my story in Issue 5 here.


The Last Pioneers

The Racket is an online literary journal that likes a little grit in their submissions—something that’ll stick in your teeth long after you’re done reading it.

Read my story in Issue 56 here.


Meat for Tea is an award-winning print literary journal that leaves people "contemplating definitions of genre" and has people "re-see what's possible in poetry, prose, and nonfiction." --New Pages

The story is on page 114 in Volume 13, issue 4: Bard.

print, published 2019

Buy it here.

3D Eye
Landscape with Animals

Another Night

Spires is the student-run literary journal at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. They publish a print journal every spring, and have a digital companion as of 2011.

print, published 1999


Current and Never Events

Pregnant Photography

The Human Room Open Voice is a new free speech platform created by C.C. Arshagra, based on benevolence and 9 principles of involvement.

The stellar T.A. Niles created a video of one of my poems you can watch here

T.A.'s poem-video is also a beautiful reaction: "A Moment-Us Decision."

T.A.'s blog is full of wonder, thoughts, and resources for writers and poets. Check out T.A.'s mind here

This Is Poetry

Poem in the anthology Once Upon a Poem. It is the second Pisces Publishing/Creative Juices Anthology, in celebration of National Poetry Month and in tribute to the wonderful poet Sharon Smith-Knight. (April 2022)

Contact me to buy a copy.


Water Is the Body

Beautiful poetry broadside created by Rick Lupert in The Cobalt Cafe  (2021). If you're not aware of Rick—after all he's done for poetry—and the Poetry Superhighway, then shame on you. Go there. Then read the poem here.

Will It; 
Running in the Same Place


Poetry in Issue 18 of Monday Night Lit online. (2018)

Read it here.


Design Book

One Day This Book: A Review of Miah Jeffra's The Fabulous Ekphrastic Fantastic!

Ruminate: The Waking asks for art that is beautiful or strange, but that feels true.

 (May 2022).  

Read my review of the book here

Bringing Human Dignity Into Medical Experiences

Nonfiction on Medium. (2022)

Read it here.

What I Learned After 2 American Births

Nonfiction on Medium. (2021)

Read it here.

White Vase
Cracked Surface

Where Is the Mind During Pain (and Birth)?

Nonfiction on Medium. (2021)

Read it here.

What People Are Saying


2 stories as semifinalists, 2022 The Ghost Story Flash Fiction contest 


"engaging writing style"

"weird, in the best possible way"

"nothing else like it"


shortlisted, 2021 Fractured Literary Flash Fiction contest 


finalist, 2019 Black River Chapbook contest by Black Lawrence Press 


"so powerful it gave me chills"

"writes like a painter"

"damn near made me break my chair"


"interesting, insightful, relatable"

"beautiful and wise"

"awesome, weird"

"very well written" 

"sense of urgency"


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