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Heidi Kasa is the author of the fiction chapbook Split (Monday Night Press, 2022). Her poem "The Bullet Cures" won the 2023 Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest and her poem "The Bullet Renames" won the 2024 Plaza Prose Poetry Contest. Kasa's flash fiction collection The Beginners won the 2023 Digging Press Chapbook Contest, and is forthcoming in 2025. Her work has been a finalist for a Black Lawrence Press award, and shortlisted for a Fractured Lit award. Kasa's work has appeared in the Mixed Bag of Tricks anthology and the journals BarrelhouseThe Racket, Meat for Tea, The Raw Art Review, and Ruminate: The Waking, among others. She works as an editor and lives in Austin. 

Heidi_bkcase_2024_3 copy.jpg


Split, chapbook (Monday Night Press, August 20th, 2022)

The Beginners, chapbook (Digging Press, forthcoming 2025)


Artist Poetry Books

Burlesque Interludes (fall 2023)

Crushed Flowers Bare Their Hearts (fall 2022)

Seaweed (sold at City Lights bookstore 2004-2005, and next print run 2022-present)



“Mechanical Mommy,” fiction in the Mixed Bag of Tricks anthology (Murasaki Press, November 2023) print

“Ghosts Are Hungry,” flash fiction (Digging Through the Fat Journal, winter 2022) online

“A Small Death,” flash fiction (The Waterwheel Review, fall 2022) online

“A Grief That Shatters Oceans,” flash fiction (The Raw Art Review, April 2022)  print

“Robot You,” flash fiction (Ab Terra, December 2021) online

“The Last Pioneers,” flash fiction (The Racket Journal, October 2021) online

“Conversation,” flash fiction (Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, 2019) print

“Another Night,” flash fiction (Spires, 1999) print



"The Bullet Renames," (Plaza Prose Poetry, May 29) anthology forthcoming

"The Bullet Cures," (Sappho's Torque, Angelique Jamail's blog, April 2024) online

"The Bullet Cures," (Poetry Super Highway, October 23) online

Featured Poet at Ephemera Literary Substack Newsletter for July 2023: “With Dust,” “The Bullet Cures,” “The Bullet Never Quite Stops,” and “The Bullet Gives Away”—online

“Love Poems Are Changelings,” (Quilled Ink Review, December 8, 2023) print

“Pull-Push,” (The Passionfruit Review, spring 2023) online

“Current and Never Events” poem video created by T.A. Niles and hosted by The Human Room Open Voice by C.C. Arshagra June 2022—online

“This Is Poetry,” in the anthology Once Upon a Poem April 2022—print

“Water Is the Body,” poetry broadside in The Cobalt Cafe November 2021—online

“Will It” and “Running in the Same Place,” poems (Monday Night Lit, 2018) online



"Barrelhouse Reviews: A Rupture in the Interiors by Valerie Witte" (Barrelhouse, April 2024) online

"One Day This Book: A Review of Miah Jeffra’s The Fabulous Ekphrastic Fantastic!” (Ruminate: The Waking, May 2022) online

“Bringing Human Dignity Into Medical Experiences” (Medium, 2022) online

“What I Learned After 2 American Hospital Births, Plus 9 Tips” (Medium, 2021) online

“Where Is the Mind During Pain (and Birth)?” (Medium, 2021) online



"The Bullet Renames"--winner of the 2024 Plaza Prose Poetry Contest (May 2024) 

“The Bullet Cures”—winner of the 2023 Poetry Super Highway Poetry Contest (October 2023) online

The Beginners—winner of the 2023 Digging Press Chapbook competition

“Some Kind of Light”—semifinalist, The Ghost Story flash fiction 2022

“Ghosts Are Hungry”—semifinalist, The Ghost Story flash fiction 2022 

“Robot You”—shortlisted, Fractured Lit flash fiction 2021 

Split—Finalist, Black River Chapbook competition 2019

“Teetering on the Edge: Poised to the State of Being (a poetry portfolio)”—winner of the Alpha Chi Humanities Award, spring 2004


Readings and Panels

The Mixed Bag of Tricks launch party at Alienated Majesty Books in Austin, November 18, 2023

Come As You Are at Neon Grotto in Austin, September 5, 2023

Art Expressions L.A., September 2, 2023 (virtual)

Red Light Lit Anniversary Party in Austin, April 30, 2023

Red Light Lit Lounge Party in Austin, April 23, 2023

Beasts of Bourbon in Oakland, June 15, 2023

The Racket Reading Series: Broke Up, Broke Down, Broke Even in San Francisco, February 2, 2023

Hollie Hardy’s Homecoming in Oakland, October 2022

Saturday Night Special, August 2022 (virtual)

The Cobalt Cafe, November 2021 (virtual)

Club Chicxulub I in San Francisco, October 2021

Vax Party, April 2021 (virtual)

“Renshi: Poetry ‘Linking’ Cultures,” presented at Poetry of the 70s Conference, September 2008

“Mutual Influence in the Films of Kubrick and Kieslowski,” presented at the 9th Annual Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference, spring 2004

Selection of poetry presented at the 8th Annual Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference, 2003


Interviews and Reviews

“Heidi Kasa—Expanding in Every Direction,” in Heidi Fiedler’s Substack Nebula Notebook and Mothers Who Make Mondays (online)

“Heidi Kasa’s Split—New from Monday Night Press” by T.A. Niles (online)

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