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Mixed Bag of Tricks

Have you ever gotten a mystery bag of items, in which each one you pulled out surprised and delighted you? Well, now's your chance!


This fiction anthology includes great writers experimenting

with genres and styles. 

There's something in here for everyone:

sci-fi, fantasy, surrealism, satire, suspense, and literary fiction.


My story is called "Mechanical Mommy." 

For all the mothers and robots out there. :)

And mother robots—can't forget them.

They'll get their own Mother's Day one day. 

I prefer to support small bookstores and communities over Amazon, but I also understand how convenient Amazon is in our current lives. 



Split is a story about the constancy of change, the inevitability of disruption, and the roles that humans play as creators and destroyers in each other’s lives. After big changes or major losses, grief can cause numbness. Forces in our lives pull us back into full experience. Through inventive structure and language, Kasa pushes her characters through painful transformations that are told in personal, philosophical, and cosmic dimensions.

Buy the chapbook here from the Monday Night Press website.


Or, if you prefer to use another payment method, contact me here

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