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Split is a story about the constancy of change, the inevitability of disruption, and the roles that humans play as creators and destroyers in each other’s lives. After big changes or major losses, grief can cause numbness. Forces in our lives pull us back into full experience. Through inventive structure and language, Kasa pushes her characters through painful transformations that are told in personal, philosophical, and cosmic dimensions.

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"Her writing is lyrical and precise, and one of her most startling and successful approaches is having the characters see each other and themselves in terms of the techniques of their arts: photography, film, and music."

Judith Serin, author of Gravity and Hiding in the World

"Kasa’s Split inspires in the reader a host of thematic considerations—love, power, time—with a deliberate hand and a deliciously subtle smirk."

Miah Jeffra, author of The Violence Almanac and The Fabulous Ekphrastic Fantastic! 

"Heidi Kasa cannot escape her poet self, her philosopher self, her human self. Her work seems to scream: Let us all BE in our complexity and do so freely!”

T.A. Niles, writer


Thank You

A big hug and thanks to each person who not only bought the book to support me, but also read it, then took the time to write me something personal about it. I've already thanked each of you, but it means a lot to me that you took the time and care.
Thank you again. 

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